The majority of Blu-ray requests at Raygun are for special presentation discs. Whereas broadcast media is moving into streaming media, one-off presentations and cinema viewings frequently depend on Blu-ray as a convenient, reliable, and high-quality format that fills a gap below the Digital Cinema Package.

We're also happy to carry out feature content Blu-ray authoring for retail or rental. Format wars aside, Blu-ray dominates domestic HD playback with its superior data-rates and super-clear picture quality.

DVD Authoring? Yes, it still happens, and we're the people to make it happen for you. With pre-millenium experience in feature film authoring, box sets, and speciality presentation discs, Raygun can author for low-run local replication or international high volume replication. Our optical media author is probably the best optical media author in the country, with a very large back-catalogue of feature releases to his name.

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august 2016

Cadbury's Free the Joy...

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Big thanks to Colin Norris from Media Coop for bringing us this Cadbury's Commercial featuring Louis Walsh. Graded in Lustre and finished in Flame by our very own Rory Gavin and mixed by the ever awesome Dean Jones.

Sound Mix: Dean Jones
Flame & Lustre: Rory Gavin