Our Digital Media department provides dedicated conversions to and from almost any format imaginable. Our DM team also provides support and experience for other departments at Raygun, ensuring that content leaving our Flame, VFX and Edit suites is optimised for our clients' needs.

We prepare content for all platforms, from Vimeo and YouTube to Inflight Entertainment and Stadium Screens. We also deliver preroll content for Irish and UK broadcasters, as well as custom conversions for retail systems and custom-projected presentations.

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august 2016

Cadbury's Free the Joy...

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Big thanks to Colin Norris from Media Coop for bringing us this Cadbury's Commercial featuring Louis Walsh. Graded in Lustre and finished in Flame by our very own Rory Gavin and mixed by the ever awesome Dean Jones.

Sound Mix: Dean Jones
Flame & Lustre: Rory Gavin