Need an ISDN studio in Dublin? You've found it. Raygun have three Pro Tools suites, are located in the heart of Dublin City Centre, and have extensive knowledge of Irish voice-overs.

We'll find you a local voice-over if you need one, or just set up the session if you have someone in mind. We're happy to run pre-session line tests at your convenience and will provide Skype/Facetime interaction should you require it. All Pro Tools media can be delivered by link or ftp post session.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss your session, or drop Dean Jones a mail. We regularly work with clients in Ireland, Britain, Germany, Denmark, America and beyond.

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august 2016

Cadbury's Free the Joy...

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Big thanks to Colin Norris from Media Coop for bringing us this Cadbury's Commercial featuring Louis Walsh. Graded in Lustre and finished in Flame by our very own Rory Gavin and mixed by the ever awesome Dean Jones.

Sound Mix: Dean Jones
Flame & Lustre: Rory Gavin