Jessica Felton

Jess Felton runs Raygun! Contact Jess to initiate your Raygun experience.

Dean Jones

Dean is head of Raygun's sound department. Dean is one of Dublin's most accomplished sound engineers and has a beard.

Emily Burke

Emily Burke assists in the running of Raygun. Emily recently reproduced, but is pretty damned relaxed about the whole thing.

Sinead Brady

Sinead assists in the running of Raygun. Sinead destroys 99.999% of all known pre-production problems with her friendly smile.

Rory Gavin

Rory Gavin is our Flame Operator. Rory is one of Dulbin's leading Flame Ops and has a strong creative back-catalog to his wonderful name.

Claire Hayes

Claire is Raygun's burst of excitement and happiness. Call Raygun and you will have the privilege of speaking to Claire.

Tim O'Donovan

Tim does sound, and does it good. He also does drums, Volkswagens, and is a DJ.

Colm O'Rourke

Colm does sound. Colm is a Jedi at table tennis. Colm is great to work with.

Edward Sheanon

Eddie is a Witch or Sorcerer from Cavan who creates fantastic VFX with depressingly little effort. We're not sure how he does this...

Andy Byron

Andy joined Raygun at the age of fourteen. Please do not disclose this information to the Department of Social Protection.

Andrea Arice

Andrea is Italian. He's a skilled motion graphics artist and all his photos look great (it's an Italian thing).

Derek Pelly

Derek does long-form editing. If the world invented a giant Rubix Cube he'd solve it. Derek is too cool for school.

Bernard Clarke

Bernard is Raygun's 'George Clooney of Editing'. We pronounce his name with Australian accents to entertain ourselves.

Francesca Murray

Francesca operates our broadcast delivery and media management department. She is sparkly and cunning.

Michael Dowling

Michael operates our DM and Digital Cinema departments. Michael is 400 years old and appears courtesy of the National Museum of Ireland.

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august 2016

Cadbury's Free the Joy...

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Big thanks to Colin Norris from Media Coop for bringing us this Cadbury's Commercial featuring Louis Walsh. Graded in Lustre and finished in Flame by our very own Rory Gavin and mixed by the ever awesome Dean Jones.

Sound Mix: Dean Jones
Flame & Lustre: Rory Gavin